One Xylem

Xylem is now one of the global leaders in water technology across both clean and waste water applications, and operates in over 150+ countries.

Europe is one of Xylem’s most important areas as it not only accounts for a significant amount of the company’s global business, but is seen as a key area for future growth. André Dhawan, President of Xylem EMEIA, outlines how the recent coming together of all Xylem brands under one name has helped unify the company’s European offering and strengthen its position within the market.

Xylem EMEIA is a single company going to market with multiple brands, focussed on solving the most challenging water issues in multiple industries. Our aim is approach the market as one entity, focused on the best products, application expertise and aftersales support for customers, across all of our core markets within Europe, the Middle East, India, Russia and Africa.

Xylem manufactures a range of products which touch on numerous parts of the building and manufacturing processes. We felt the time was right to bring all of the brands into one single organisation to offer customers one contact for all applications. For example, it is entirely possible that a Lowara pump is pumping clean water into the manufacturing process and a Flygt pump is being used to pump wastewater at the other end. What’s more, if the plant is producing a large amount of wastewater it is highly likely that a Wedeco ultraviolet or ozone treatment solution is being used before discharge into the water course. Now that customer can deal with one organisation for all their needs.

The brands and their heritage will remain, but we will go to market as one company, Xylem EMEIA.

Our customers

For our customers, our unified approach under the Xylem EMEIA brand means that they will have one single point of contact. Whereas before they may have had to liaise with a brand representative for each Xylem product used on a project, from now on all contact will be centralised to make communication much easier for our customers. There will be one person with one voice, but with the full support of an array of technical experts behind them.

This new approach allows us to offer customers comprehensive technical advice which draws on the experience and expertise of our technical specialists. The in-depth knowledge we now collectively possess stretches far across the building and manufacturing processes, which means we can consult on an installation within the wider project team and highlight issues which may not have occurred to our customers.

Our services

Xylem has always prided itself on offering exceptional levels of service and support to customers across all of our brands. One key example is the recent acquisition of PIMS Group and Multitrode in the UK. PIMS is the one of the UK’s leading service providers who design, install and maintain sewage and stormwater pumping stations and the acquisition has helped strengthen our position in a key market segment. We quickly followed this with the acquisition of Multitrode, a market leader in high-end technology for the monitoring and control of water and wastewater pumping stations.

We are a growth company and both of these acquisitions were statements of intent. We plan on incorporating the skills and offerings of PIMS and Multitrode and extending their reach to the wider European market.

Our staff

The knowledge and expertise of our staff is one of our most important assets and we are constantly continuing our investment in training and development. For instance, all of our customer-facing people in the UK are being required to go through a comprehensive training programme covering everything from pump and pumping system basics, through to the technology behind variable speed drives. The intention is to make this material available to our customers through CPD modules or other forms of training.

The importance of training can be demonstrated by the dynamics of our markets. The transportation, treatment and use of water, be it in the municipal or building services sector is now highly regulated. Environmental efficiency standards, such as the ErP Directive, have placed strict controls on the types of pumps that can be manufactured and marketed to end-users, regardless of whether those end-users are operating a sewage pumping station or a modern office block.

Our biggest opportunities

One of our big focuses is our ecocirc XL circulator pump. It builds on the technological advancements we made with our original domestic ecocirc, but is designed to be used within the industrial and commercial marketplace. It is a symbol of various parts of Xylem EMEIA combining to create a product that can used by a variety of end-users across several of the company’s key markets.